Policies & FAQ

What are your vaccination requirements?

To ensure the safety and health of all the pets that visit us, Safari requires that all pets have proof of the following vaccinations (which must be administered a minimum of 2 days prior to arrival at Safari) to be eligible for any service. Pets must also be flea and parasite-free. Proof of vaccinations can be faxed to Safari at (615) 893-9908, emailed (helpdesk@safaripetresort.com), or presented at drop-off. Ask us about requirements for puppies or kittens.


  • Annual to 3-year Rabies
  • Annual to 3-year DHLPP
  • 6-month Bordetella


  • Annual to 3-year Rabies
  • Annual to 3-year FVRCP

Is food included?

Yes. While we recommend keeping your pet on his or her usual diet, we serve Nature’s Select All Natural, Holistic canine and feline food, which is included in the cost of your pet’s stay.

Can I bring my pet's own food from home?

We always recommend keeping your pet on his or her usual diet for consistency's sake. So you are welcome to bring his food from home. Simply package and label only the amount needed for your pet’s stay in plastic bags. Uneaten food is not returned.

Does my dog need to bring anything for lodging?

Because cozy, comfy bedding is provided for each dog at Safari, you are welcome to bring a t-shirt or small towel that smells like home. Please clearly write your name on each item. For added stimulation, you may also bring 1-2 toys for your dog. We ask that these are no smaller than 2” in diameter. (We cannot accept or store beds from home, as these cannot be laundered efficiently.)

Does my cat need to bring anything for lodging?

Your kitty will have everything she needs for a relaxing adventure. If you’d like, you’re welcome to bring a small towel or t-shirt that smells like home. (We cannot accept or store beds from home, as these cannot be laundered efficiently.)

What is your cancellation policy?

In the event you need to change your plans, please notify us four (4) days prior to your reservation date to avoid any cancellation fee.

When is check-in for lodging guests?

We request that lodging guests arrive to check-in for their reservations no later than one hour prior to closing. In addition to the check-in process, this allows your pet ample time to receive a walk, feeding, and get comfortably settled into his or her room.

When is check-out for lodging guests?

Our check-out time is 2PM for overnight lodging guests. To avoid an additional night’s charge, pet guests must check out by 2PM so rooms can be prepared for incoming guests. The 2PM check-out time is waived for pets receiving a Tropical Spa Bath and/or Complete Groom to allow Safari staff time to complete these services.

Do I need a reservation for my pet's 1st Day Camp Evaluation?

We only schedule a few evaluations per day, so we do require a reservation for this special, focused introduction to our social play program. To schedule your pet's Day Camp Evaluation, call 615-890-3732.

Do I need a reservation for Doggie Day Camp?

Once your dog has passed Safari's social Evaluation, reservations are not required for Doggie Day Camp. As with all Safari services, pet guests must meet Safari's vaccination requirements to be eligible to play, so please ensure your pet's vaccinations are up to date before arriving. If updates have been made since your pet's last visit, please notify Safari Pet Resort so we can update your pet's file.   

Is there a check-in time for Doggie Day Camp?

There is no check-in time for Doggie Day Camp. For your pet's safety, pets do not enter a play group in the middle of a play session. Pets arriving after the start of a play group will join the next group that begins following their drop-off time. Ask a Receptionist for a Playtime Schedule.

What is your late policy?

For the safety of our pet guests and our staff, staff are not permitted to release pets after hours. Pets not picked up before closing will be comfortably lodged overnight at the owner's expense at the nightly lodging rate. In the event Safari staff are notified during business hours of a late arrival shortly after closing, a Late Fee of a minimum of $25* will be incurred.

(*Late Fee is paid directly to awaiting staff. Rate may increase per discretion of Safari Pet Resort.)                      


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