Activities & A La Carte Services

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Activity Packages:
These fun-filled packages feature playtime, special treats, extra walks, bedtime massage, & more. With a wide range of options, you can choose the best activity and interaction level for your pet. Package options include Ivory (Garden Suite), Gold, Silver, and Bronze Activity Packages. We also offer Puppy and T.L.C. (senior) packages. All packages feature special discount pricing.

Pampering Sessions:
Individual playtime with a Camp Counselor focuses on what your canine prefers, including tug-of-war, belly rubs, and fetch!

In this supervised playtime, your dog with play with dogs similar in size and temperament in Safari’s Jungle Playroom and outdoor play yards.

Business Walk:
An extra trip to our fenced-in, outdoor elimination areas for your canine friends who prefer additional potty breaks.

Gourmet Treat:
Home-made at Safari, our seasonal Gourmet Treats will have your pet begging for more! See Meals & Treats for details.

Frozen Peanut Butter Kong:
Yummy & fun! Treat your pup to an interactive Kong toy filled and frozen with tasty peanut butter.

Bedding Upgrade:
Ahhh! Your canine companion will sleep well with Safari’s orthopedic bedding upgrade, a luxurious foam and fleece bed.

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Stretch/Mobility Break:
Perfect for senior canines, these Breaks offer your pet time to stretch those legs and enjoy time with a Camp Counselor.

Story time & Tuck-in:
Just like people, canines enjoy the soothing sounds of our voices. Before bedtime, your pet will hear a comforting children’s story as our staff visits your pet for a “tuck-in” to make sure he is settled in and cozy for sleeping.

Treadmill Walk/Run:
This 15-minute walk or run is perfect for active dogs needing to expend extra energy, as well as pups needing focused exercise to lose unhealthy weight.

Unlimited Medications:
With this service, Safari staff will administer unlimited medications to your dog.

Before bedtime, a staff member  visits your pet for a “tuck-in” to make sure he is settled in and cozy for sleeping.

Spa Services:
Choose from our many Salon & Spa services, and your pup will look and smell great. Treat your pet to a relaxing Plum Facial, ShedLess treatment, or award-winning Groom!