Activities & A La Carte Services


Cat Lodging_Activities

Catnip Toy:
Your cat will be relaxed and happy after hours of fun and self-directed play with a soft toy freshly filled with enticing Catnip.

Paw Massage & Back Scratch Session:
A calming 5-minute Paw Massage and comforting Back Scratch Session with a Safari Camp Counselor.

Interactive Play:
A 15-min interactive playtime with a Camp Counselor with your cat’s favorite toys.

Gourmet Tuna Treat:
Our tasty Gourmet Tuna Treats will have your kitty begging for more! See Meals & Treats for details.

Unlimited Medications:
With this service, Safari staff will administer unlimited medications to your cat.

Spa Services:
Choose from our many Salon & Spa services, and your feline will look and smell great. Treat your kitty to a relaxing Premium Bath or award-winning Groom!

Activity Packages

Safari Pet Resort offers Gold and Silver Activity Packages for our feline Lodging guests. All packages feature special discount pricing.