About Safari

Pets have an immensely important place in the American family structure. Pet owners feel their pets are true members of the family, and owners are unhappy when their pets, like any other family member, can’t accompany them on vacation. The owners of then Cuts Limited Kennels, Inc. (circa. 1978) were well aware of this modern-day phenomenon, and in 1997 began developing a totally new concept in pet care: a place where pets can go on vacation every day, enjoying such services as massage shampooing with aroma conditioning, play time with other four legged friends, overnight rooms that are comfortable, and even TV’s for the sounds of home.  The result of this planning opened in July of 1999 as Safari Pet Resort, “Where Pets Go On Adventure.”

Since that opening date we have added even more services and activities designed just for the enjoyment of animals. We will constantly strive to accommodate our pet owners and their needs, but our real mission is to satisfy the needs, wants, and even whims of our real customers. . . the pets!